Tuesday, July 26, 2016




Erle Frayne Argonza y Delago



Truly memorable it is to drink tuba every day

Portent of prosperity and luck for enthused souls

Came Summer ‘93 on a ten-day tour of Leyte land

Upon invite of a pal among powerlifter athletes


Motoring from Manila through Bicol land to Sorsogon

Then crossed the channel to Matnog in Samar land

Drove across Samar a sight for a first time

Till we reached the San Juanico bridge of fame


Onwards did we drive via bus to Leyte land

Then picked up by jeep to Palo there to stay

Chats with folks spiced with tuba drinks

Tours of rivers, climb of Hungduan mount

Swim & fish by the seashores for couples of days

Paying respect to McArthur Park nearby

Visiting UP Leyte too that was beside the sea

Too many snap shots bared the warm island

The hospitality blessed by tons of tuba


Stuck up almost forever as storm arrived

On our last leg of days we had to decide

Fly we would in going back to grand Manila

Satisfied and fulfilled of the memories of tuba


[Philippines, 29 March 2011]




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