Monday, October 26, 2015


Erle Frayne Argonza y Delago
If lands were cracked as face of Terra whacked
Thermometer’s gauge flak up as hellish boor
Denying waters sipped by giant drinkers
To children they can’t fathom the hydro sippers
Yet such calamitous state we call by child’s name
Naming it upon blameless ones who drive the world
With sonorous laughter smiles as gaiety won
Puzzled likewise are fowls and herds for such name
Likewise are all the fishes that dyin’ in vain
Embittered are swines and bees a-buzzing vines
For waterless moment none is left to sweat
Such is the sweet revenge of innocence lamed
By bottomless greed of tycoons gentry claimed
Such sweet avenge by Mama Nature for the child
For innocence destroyed by evil lords reviled
So let there be as many such sweet revenge
It teaches us to love Divine Mama’s womb creates
Guffaws of a comic bard for overlords’ helplessness
So let it come till oligarchs’ days are gone
[Philippines, 30 April 2010.]

Saturday, October 17, 2015




Erle Frayne Argonza y Delago



Long have I worked within the walls of academe

And placed my foot as well in communities’ domiciles

One part of me cloistered in contemplative works

Another dipped in social activism to uplift the folks


Within we call those mercenary teachers and all

Whose independent mind is drowned in tanks of funds

By the title of this humble poem to naught

Not solely whore but ‘intellectual’ prostitute of yore


Such mercenaries bond to oligarchs besides

For whom they chalice their souls for money’s might

To say that they’d their heart commit to sure solution

Of poverty hunger inequity and social maladies

Is only as good as how much pay they’d melee


Great bounty hunters these biz cronies are

Track down huge hoards of funds to fatten purse

As do they fatten oligarchs’ own backyards & bins

With multiplying monies bury a whole city


Sure as the sun goes up the intellectual prostitutes

Will don the brows of bureaucrats as zestly stooge

Their mouths to festoon oligarchs with platitudes

While paupers grow the more and rot to die



[Philippines, 26 April 2010]

Thursday, October 8, 2015



Erle Frayne Argonza y Delago

Medusa is a code that’s tough to crack
No task for morons to even try unpack
Idiocy it is to say Medusa’s evil whack
Save for the mediating interest of one
A neutral thing Medusa challenges erudition

Just like the serpent infamy of Eden’s fame
Medusa is a-coilin’ up from base of home
To divining mystics the serpent is kundalini
Likewise it is the DNA of biology’s Houdini

To my mind Medusa is a wondrous knowledge
Of life science nestled deeply in our Higher Mind
It is the kundalini rising fast to shame
Those would-be evils casting eyes a-Cain
While those snaky hair of her diabolic mien
Is DNA of enormous strands unknown to man

So knowledge therefore of such high degrees of hue
And used for benign purposes can debilitate giants
As gigantic as reptilian humanoids a-pursue
Can cower in fear if syringed with Medusa programs

If such benign knowledge be for evil use
Will suck up one to states of anti-matter
Stoned as one disintegrates to ash inutile
The end of sentience then makes living futile

Such knowledge o! so high to mutate life forms
Ought be used only for wise and good pursuits
This gives clue then for tomorrow’s usage anew
If sordid reptoids whack us humans a-screwed

[Philippines, 25 April 2010]