Monday, July 27, 2015



Erle Frayne D. Argonza

Juveniles’ minds like sheets of papers are
Where learnings get imprinted bit by bit

Query’s who does writ the learnings for the youth
Will such learnings be for yearnings o’truth
Won’t such learnings be for sordid enchainment
In rocks so huge a-trapping one like Prometheus

The challenge lies therefore in making those bits
Mutated scissors they to tear the masks
Beguiled no more will juveniles be set free
Their inner monads smile in infinite glee

Till Light engulfs those sheets of pages full
That each then be a torch of freedom bliss

[Philippines, 16 April 2010]

Thursday, July 16, 2015



Erle Frayne Argonza y Delago

Welcome your forthcoming glory, Rizalandia!

‘Tis coming out from shadows in repose:
From the navel of the earth’s core
It rides astride hot magmas
To be spilled in abundance;
From the bottom of the ocean
Surface twill on waves thru currents
Rides on tsunamis, lands ashore;
From the belly of the Sun beyond
Twas salvoed on borealis’ blasts
To heat up Terra searingly.

‘Tis coming out with passions full:
As passions of a zillion eager gods
Out to feret their mindframes on the dusts
Build awesome worlds from nothingness
For which trees are all out to bow
In full regards obeisance vow
The rising done amid lasting Now
No groaning pain shall have been heard
But laughter of a happy bard
The Wind evoke as sways its beard
Not rampaging waters one ought see
But cleansing drops bless head and knee
From festive stream, lake, ocean, sea
Not lethal blows spring from the mouths
Of Vulcan’s sons that we ought loath
‘Tis trumpeted joy from North and South.

Command them all the herds and birds and winds
Sound their tambulis forth on mountains high
That echo messages of purest notes
To all the commonwealths on Terra’s face
Command! Command! That you have come at last
To gain your lush estate that breeds all zest
O! Rizalandia! Take our Wills as one
With you the tale of glory now is done.

[Writ. 10 March 92, Cubao, Quezon City, M.Manila]

Monday, July 6, 2015



Erle Frayne Argonza y Delago

Let me O! Motherland meet you
With warm embrace and sweet solace
On wind and air above you.

I now have grown more than the bud
That I was then some dozens of summers past
Now am I prepared for tougher tasks
As all the carabaos are in your sturdy breast.

Accept my offerings—my brain and brawn
To plowshare for your scions’ nourishment
And lift them up from want and hunger done
By sickening evils wrought by lords of wrath.

Let me with your children sumptuously dine
I have no more than heartfelt words to give
So hopefully this might their souls satiate
So they’d regain states o’ sobriety and power.

Let me O! Motherland! Meet you again
Beneath your oceans, seas and lakes
Benign these blankets are to me so real
In them I’m freshened always as a babe.

Wake me up from slumber o! Motherland!
Let me rise up forever from this boorish state
I’d rise the more to bequeath my love
To your scions with whom I am betrothed
For they make sanguine giants out of ants
Gold are they beyond all spellbound words.

Let me reach out to your scions all, o! Motherland!
Arise shall my voice be so redeeming
To herald what dear Destiny had covenanted
‘Bout greatness that resides in all of them
Let them feel your Bosom thru this voice
That rise shall they therefore the quickest
‘Twards magnificence their wondrous wherefore
O’ this swearword let me not just rescind
To rest in nasty bowels o’ Oblivion
Far off your scions shall arise above the hovels
They’d lighten up your sky as rays they are
Of suns and suns from all yon galaxies
O! Motherland you’re lightened for all times!

Let me go forth in fights o! Motherland
To citadels of wealth and luster of crafts
Learn more from them I’d frame commission
Embankments of mind enriched for your accrual
For you alone, yes you alone o! Motherland!
I bade you not in sadness no not this
But in cheered one sweetened by your flowers
Return shall I, I swear, I dutifully swear
‘Tis heard aboard the melodious winds above you
To be a part of your triumphant enshrinement
In all the world’s magnificent halls of Light.

[Writ. 09 March 92, University of the Philippines Manila]