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Erle Frayne Argonza y Delago



From ’86 through 2004 did this enthused traveler visit

Clark Airbase of Angeles City blues in Pampanga

Marveled many times thus at its constructs

Trade shops and resort spots to rest the day


First coming to teach at the Clark campus

Of my beloved University of the Philippines

To teach sociology to American G.I.s and personnel

Driven by school van we came home at night

Shopping for ice cream & chocolate delights


Then onwards in ‘89 through ’94 did I come back

Again and again as resource lecturer of learning tours

Bringing along students from Manila’s diverse schools

Interacting with American troops on their last stay there

Till the days when Americans were to be seen no more


Onwards till 2001 bringing along a high school classmate

We stayed by famed Mimosa to drink & chat

While others played some baccarats in casino fumes

The coming home proud with baggages of choco & liquor

Bought from bazaars of free trade there


Move forward again in 2004 where my palace team

Planned the founding of a new agency by the river Pasig

Back to Mimosa to stay and workshop the days

Then leaving Clark full with chocos liquors & buys

From the same free trade bazaars


Then lastly to celebrate the opening of Macapagal air

Graced by brilliant lady president Gloria d’ economist

In late 2004 saw for the last time the long airstrip

Of the once mighty American airbase to spare

Did meet d’Gloria for the first time to boot


[Philippines, 21 April 2011]




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