Wednesday, June 22, 2016




Erle Frayne Argonza y Delago



Driving along freeway 10 towards the borders of Nevada

Way back late June ’01 to spend the July 4 holiday there

A truly hot sultry space twas upon crossing the borders

Where temp stood at 115 Fahrenheit exacerbating

The dreary looks of backward small towns on the borders


Yet we went on to pass along the famed Las Vegas

And onwards passed by a native American site

To quench our thirst and buy some ethnic stuff

Drove onwards again till we reached Lake Hoover


Spending thus almost six days on flat bottom big boats

We almost a hundred peoples all a family circle

Swam, did boat-ride, snorkel & dived, barbecued

Beers after beers to quench amid sultry days

Yet at night star-gazed the wondrous cloudless sky

Sang the blues & country & rock the day too


There was no boredom at all across the many days

Fun with our circle from babes and kids to adults

Spiced our moments with tons of stories

At times blended with arguments on social issues


Till it was time to go and cruise the same hot freeways

Temp now climbing up to 120 Fahrenheit like stove

Yet we drove on back and passed by Las Vegas again

Hit we were by sand dunes gushed by gales

But we survived and went on motoring back to California

Till finally resting we were all to exhilarate the wonderment

Of the Nevada trail so pregnant with frills and funs


[Philippines, 11 March 2011]




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Sunday, June 12, 2016




Erle Frayne Argonza y Delago



In November 2000 and again from ‘01 till ‘02

Did I visit and make home of southern California

Amazed at the prosperity and near-perfected planning

Did I sing along many times ‘California Dreaming’


Making rounds of over fifty of its cities big and small

From Los Angeles and eastern coasts to Nevada’s borders

And downwards to San Diego couples of times spent

Visiting the border to Mexico viewable from the state


So did I come to love someone too

A noble lady from San Bernardino clue

Who treasured me so much she made me speak

Before university students eager for Light


Lake Mead, wild boar hunting, San Pedro tour

Huntington offshore speed boating & fishing too

Sta Monica tour with beers, swims & slot machines

Venice cooling by the coast & buyin’ crafts along

Partying with family circle & grassroots workers

Drinking tequila and Mexican beers to company


And when the opportune moment came

I did grab grassroots work via church work

Counsel & listen to young adults and singles

And making rounds of seminars in diverse parishes


Residing in Ramona’s apartments with dad & sibs

On weekends to party and visit Ontario Mills sometimes

A few times post-party to star gaze for shooting stars

Do gym work right inside our home village


California beaming is what I made of it

The warm peoples of the state to stay in my bosom

A second home truly it was beyond dreaming


[Philippines, 04 March 2011]




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Thursday, June 2, 2016




Erle Frayne Argonza y Delago



A privilege it was to visit Calamba many times

From 80s through early 2000s did I come to strut

The glorious home of noblest Asian hero Jose Rizal

A resource speaker for educational tour companies

Accompanied by fellow patriotic professors

We who once served club Education Forum

Ennobling tasks as teachers were thereafter tapped

To showcase Rizal Shrine and Rizal cults to listeners

Enthused students and adults from diverse schools


So did I visit Calamba many times to bath

In its famed hot springs shaped by tour resorts

Into swimming pools warm waters flowed like lake

Bathing in the waters burnt down germs and fungi

In the company of social activists and pals

From among university professors of UP fame


Shrine & hot springs will always be in my heart

To treasure moments of thought sharing and baths

Beacon of Rizal staying in my psyche till old age


[Philippines, 28 February 2011]