Saturday, March 26, 2016




Erle Frayne Argonza y Delago



God’s grace it is those benign invitations

To tv talk shows with the wonderful task

To share insights on issues of the day

And learn likewise from those who query


In ‘86 did Butch Abad’s knighted program did invite

With beloved diva Riza Hontiveros on interview

Then ’89 came Louis Beltran’s invite came

Followed by Noli De Castro’s MGB fame

So did Joe Taruc’s brief platform for OFs


Then more programs came to interview across time

As one established expert was I to grow

Winnie Monsod’s & Oscar Orbos’ Debate too

Kapuso ni Jessica for many occasions a’beau

Mike Lacanilao’s global program so to speak

And all the television news to talk and share

As civil society leader endorsing Gloria Arroyo


Till now the tv programs do invite

Kapuso ni Jessica to go with many interviews

Tv news of Channels 7 & 2 likewise 

Kablog time for the youth of the day

Kris Aquino’s night show to share brains too

Boy Abunda’s show the last to do the same

Asked was I of Iverson’s ignominous psyche


Thanks Almighty Creator for those occasions

Will I always be open for gracious invitations


[Philippines, 16 January 2011]

Tuesday, March 15, 2016


Erle Frayne Argonza y Delago
God’s grace it is those exposures to radio talks
Commencing when I was young man of age 23
In beloved Tuguegarao did I share insights fame
On livelihood to folks across the valley enthused
Living by Manila from 83 and onwards
Did I awash in fame a bit for radio talks
As university mentor and civil society leader
Was I invited to talk in many stations famed
DZRH, DZMM, DZRV, Radio ng Bayan
Roland Simbulan’s hosted program
Mentong Laurel’s nationalist platform
And more to count
Likewise did I visit radio stations in Visayas halls
As teacher leader to share insights on issues’ calls
Radyo Bombo in Bacolod and Iloilo cities
And more to go by counting of my hands
Truly thankful to Almighty for such short fames
Did I love so much to enlighten folks & listeners
Till now I open myself to invitations on radio anew
To discourse on issues like they were beau d’ bamboo
[Philippines, 08 January 2011]
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Tuesday, March 8, 2016




Erle Frayne Argonza y Delago



Igorotlandia d’ Cordillera is one whole story yet to tell

For this enthused soul who climbed up those fiery lands

Beginning in Summer 77 in Baguio the summer capital

Onwards to 81 in work visitations of Ifugao

Roll over to work monitors of Kalinga & Apayao

Likewise visiting Ilongots of Quirino their siblings

Till 2000 when I revisited Ifugao on my way to Sagada

There to communicate with the ancestors

And say my own appreciation for Bulol of the astrals


Cordillera is an awesome land like Marlboro country

Growing pines interspersed with undulating mounts

Blended with fjords and a nurturing hospitable people

Home likewise to gold and treasures beneath the mounts


Cordillera is amongst the guardian ranges of Filipinas

Standing tall across hundreds of kilometers to frown

Upon all predatory greedy people and bad folks

Its forests and rivers narrate history like mute beings

Of a mighty people scions of ancient Malayan Mu


Turbulence yet may come a couple of years from now

Yet Cordillera will stand still and tall

Beacon of ancient Mu and future Filipiniana


[Philippines, 22 December 2010]