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Erle Frayne Argonza y Delago



For a year Batanes was second home to me

In the early 80s upon the ascent of my first job

Building communities and spurring livelihoods

Packaging northern Cagayan & Batanes into one

Of Human Settlements ministry fame twas


So on one of my stays in idyllic Batanes

In a popular inn in Basco near my diva Love

Made usual rounds of Basco and Mahatao

Of Uyugan and Ivana round the highway built

So picturesque and grand is view of sea and hills

Of cows and carabaos going by their chores

Lush vegetation and farms spruced to charm


Till one day I decided to leave Batan for awhile

Waiting for a boat to cross the channel to Sabtang

Treacherous a channel ‘tis the world’s most dangerous

Quaffed half a small gin bottle to booze my fears down

As rivers seem to cross by the seas in both directions

And then upon arrival of the boat my knees still jerked

Motoring fast yet tricky a route we climbed waves

Upon waves as tall as seven feet each twas hard to see

The destination of this unholy sojourn till we arrived

I almost kissed this soil in Sabtang town

Privileged a young man I felt so great to be there


Hail Sabtang! Be thou challenge to the enthused souls

To marvel in thy land cross tough channel without repose

Hail Sabtang! Scion land of Mother Mu!


[Philippines, 24 March 2011]




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