Tuesday, August 23, 2016




Erle Frayne Argonza y Delago


Came a two-week talk spree in ‘October 94

As national leader amongst teachers

After making rounds of Iloilo-Antique-Capiz

Made a resting ride to Boracay fame


Passing first by the largest bell in a Capiz town

Went on till my baggages and me reached town

From there crossed from coast by boat

To the pristine den that was Boracay

There I was housed in the parish convent


I marveled at the island’s white beach

The idylls of the paradise caught in snapshots

Did sometimes swim by the beach

And at night walked & entered bars to sip

Beers to go along with fine cuisines


So wonderful are the white sands they

Are so cool at lunchtime amid sweltering sun

And the seawaters so friendly to the eyes

Even if one swims underneath no stress comes

Upon your benign eyes as it marvels further

Seeing fishes & games even without snorkel


No more was I to go back to the island fame

And maybe no more opportunity shall come

For another visit to this place of game

Its memories resides at least in my brain

Never to depart from it


[Philippines, 08 April 2011]




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