Saturday, November 20, 2010


Erle Frayne Argonza y Delago

O! Beloved Sioux!
Lakota, Dakota, and kin tribes all
For which my Sirian nation had
The calling to co-create with Prime Creator.
Lords of Light sing praises for thee
And entrust to you anew the mission
To rechart the noble polities forthcoming.

Let me likewise sing praises to you
O! Beloved Sioux!
O! Noble nation of sturdiest built
As sturdy as all the buffalos yon North
Thou art. Standing tall till many eons
Thou art still. Mighty tall prepared you
Are for the new calling.

Magnanimous as bumble bee
That nourished us with sweetest honey
Thou art. Please be so till times to come
For Divine Justice had listened to thy woes
And your sacrifices rewarded finally
With the New Calling.

Be compassionate and be one people
That listens and cares like the Holy Mother
Unto those who are of more marginal state
For they shall put their trust in thy bosom.

Praise be to thee o! Magnanimous Sioux
This once audacious Sitting Bull is always
With you. One with you still I am
Ra sings praises to thee like unto
Billions of robins in grand chorus.

[Philippines, 08 May 2010.]


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