Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Erle Frayne Argonza y Delago

Gone away for too long we were
Unto each other. Twinflame and myself
and our lovable children. Come forth
From benign world yon Sirius flown
In huge mother starships straight
To North America our first home.

It seems just like yesterday
When huddled together by campfires
We were all loving family
And community. Learning to live
By the fast pace of the buffalo.
There we created the lovable Sioux nation
Where we re-embodied at later times
Again and again in perfect alchemy.

Since then we were gradually separated
To fulfill missions of our own, tested in surrounds
Utterly strange and hostile to us. Hoping that
We—our Presence—would yield the fruits
Of hastened soul evolutions for Fallen Terrans.

Too far away from each other our hearts pained
Tormented by this world yet steadfast
We stood to fufill the Mission. Not even if
They sold us as chattel slaves or burnt us
On stakes in the name of their false gods
Or used us for practice shooting exercises.
No we never budged in our tasks
Even as trillions of pains strengthened us.

Near the end of times now finally our sacrifices
Bore fruits. Yes bore fruits of the finest mangoes
And strawberries of success. Enough for Almighty
Father and Mother’s cosmic heart to let us be
Together again. Bursting with unparellelled delight
Imprinted in our undying cares during our rendezvous
We’ve finally reunited: My twinflame, myself,
Our star children. Scions all of the Almighty.

[Philippines, 09 May 2010.]

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