Friday, November 12, 2010


Erle Frayne Argonza y Delago

My old sociology notes have taught me well
Old worlds do pass to give way to new realms
Barely passing away the old world’s womb a-bear
The new world birthing so fresh as a babe

Likewise did I digest the lessons high
From mystic science come forth parallel notes
Of how a planet might be crashed to lows
Till density reached scratch bottom as we are
And then by deeds of benign divinities
Send forth multiple Buddhas gurus saints
Same planet finally moves up back to higher climes
A-born the old world perishes to oblivion’s cask

Fulfilled in tasks the starry souls do now proclaim
The old Earth dies so soon to make its claim
In history writ ‘tis done its role so clear
To give way now to new Earth arising near
Shaken off Earth’s back as lands recast
Turbulent waters washing dirt of older mast
Till past catastrophe as any newborn babe a-pass
The new Earth to nourish new races en masse

As new humanity unveils the virtues o’ jewels
Shall birds and mammals be more tame like sibs
No more will foul zoology nor vegetation be
As all of life forms croon blend in harmony

Arise! New Earth! Go forth to claim your place
In cosmic history seat in Halls of Grandeur
Happy will be Almighty One at last for thy ascent
That lower worlds shall later emulate with honor

[Philippines, 06 May 2010]


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