Wednesday, November 25, 2015



Erle Frayne Argonza y Delago

Moron runs for chief exec in this honorable land
Depressive sociopath veils ailments in verbal tussles
Exudes a moralistic mien to conceal incompetence
Lousy creation of crocodiles in dens of slime and shame

In yellow surrounds beguile the folks anew
Threatening like thunder mobs to flock the streets
Should he and cronies fail to show in list of wins
Will call to arms those rowdy partisans of theirs

Like amphetamine addicts they to people power run
Not an iota enthused to gain by votes in polls
But by thuggish power they bamboozle waylayers
Of their grotesque lusts for power served for Belzeebub

Behind them fascist Jesuit lords of reptilian frame
Same evil assassins arisen to defend pope and fen
Now top oligarchic body shaping clones of morons
Like that same blabbermouth of balding mediocre dude

Like my own countrymen who are fed up with wars
Am I fed up likewise with thuggish people power
Next time mob power’s used again by powerlusts
Their names will later perish in the archives of hogwash

[Philippines, 05 May 2010]

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