Saturday, October 17, 2015




Erle Frayne Argonza y Delago



Long have I worked within the walls of academe

And placed my foot as well in communities’ domiciles

One part of me cloistered in contemplative works

Another dipped in social activism to uplift the folks


Within we call those mercenary teachers and all

Whose independent mind is drowned in tanks of funds

By the title of this humble poem to naught

Not solely whore but ‘intellectual’ prostitute of yore


Such mercenaries bond to oligarchs besides

For whom they chalice their souls for money’s might

To say that they’d their heart commit to sure solution

Of poverty hunger inequity and social maladies

Is only as good as how much pay they’d melee


Great bounty hunters these biz cronies are

Track down huge hoards of funds to fatten purse

As do they fatten oligarchs’ own backyards & bins

With multiplying monies bury a whole city


Sure as the sun goes up the intellectual prostitutes

Will don the brows of bureaucrats as zestly stooge

Their mouths to festoon oligarchs with platitudes

While paupers grow the more and rot to die



[Philippines, 26 April 2010]

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