Monday, October 26, 2015


Erle Frayne Argonza y Delago
If lands were cracked as face of Terra whacked
Thermometer’s gauge flak up as hellish boor
Denying waters sipped by giant drinkers
To children they can’t fathom the hydro sippers
Yet such calamitous state we call by child’s name
Naming it upon blameless ones who drive the world
With sonorous laughter smiles as gaiety won
Puzzled likewise are fowls and herds for such name
Likewise are all the fishes that dyin’ in vain
Embittered are swines and bees a-buzzing vines
For waterless moment none is left to sweat
Such is the sweet revenge of innocence lamed
By bottomless greed of tycoons gentry claimed
Such sweet avenge by Mama Nature for the child
For innocence destroyed by evil lords reviled
So let there be as many such sweet revenge
It teaches us to love Divine Mama’s womb creates
Guffaws of a comic bard for overlords’ helplessness
So let it come till oligarchs’ days are gone
[Philippines, 30 April 2010.]

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