Sunday, August 16, 2015



Erle Frayne Argonza y Delago

I wish I were a zoologist in the works
That I can fittingly label those species of spooks
Of political elites and broods of stinking punks
In scientific parlance brand them a la skunks

Lacking those credentials of a laboratory researcher
Allow me then to brand the spooks as one enthused
Layman who would lay his scalpels on those punks
And see where ends this poetic branding bunks

Now this Arroyo d’Gloria of the tropics’ land
Leaves her good office shaved of coffers’ fats
Nine years the Tropicana folks endured her mien
Her term thus called era d’ excursus corruptus

Let Gloria be homo excursus corruptus
Photocopied from greedy cronies d’Marcos
Upon her journey to the corridors of power
Her family plundered best as Empress Dowager

Intoxicated with enormous power a’ fascist she
Dreams endlessly of clinging on to presidency
Indeed an Empress Dowager born with tragic luck
To many enemies sits she now as sitting duck

Will Filipinas then be torn catastrophically asunder
As Cathay was upon Dowager’s heist of power?
Upon her tenure’s end did Cathay go to dogs
Will Filipinas then be sliced as juicy hotdogs?

[Philippines, 15 April 2010]

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