Saturday, November 12, 2011



Erle Frayne Argonza y Delago

Shooting wild boar can be exhilarating yet funny

But shooting a wild mother sow could bother conscience

Twas on my second return to southern California in 2001

That my sibling Emerald and myself went out to hunt

For wild game/pig to gun down and take home as meat

In a southern California hilly area did we go to

Paid the fee we parked the Bronco on ground

Then walked a-zigzag downhill curving in the way

Slowly we walked downwards yet till I sensed a presence

By my mystical faculties I knew our hunt was there

And indeed upon turning right downwards there it was

A family with sow suckling its baby pigs

Hurrying up yet slowly walking onwards

Bro Emerald aimed to shoot at the sow

Taking just a shot to execute the hunt twas over

At once the sow fell while the baby pigs scampered

Then the small truck of the game area owner arrived

There we loaded the felled sow as we drove along

Upon transferring the game to our Bronco

We went home feeling both victorious and guilty

So healthy a meat it was to recall

Of pork with nary a fat to parlay its skin underneath

Exquisitely tasty we gradually consumed it for two weeks

Even as we gave many a piece to family friends

And partying we too barbecued some of it

To go along with tequila and Tecate beers

[Philippines, 28 July 2011]


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