Thursday, November 17, 2011



Erle Frayne Argonza y Delago

In the 3rd quarter of 1993 to recall

Did I visit Caylabne Bay with a large entourage

Of professors & experts from state & NGOs

For three days convening in a picturesque tour site

Created by former 1st Lady Marcos in the historic town

Where once Sultan of Ternate once settled

After running away from marauding Dutch forces

Wondrous a place holistic enough for meditations

We reflected on the health human resources here

Worried we were all by the flights of health professionals

Brain drain a phenomenon as they settle overseas

As huge as two thirds of nurses and a fourth of doctors

Then conjured thoughts about studies on the subject

With undersecretary Jimmy Tan gracing the occasion

Tough work twas for us all ditto for me who facilitated

Workshops comprising of brilliant minds

To soften the toughness of talk & thought

We immersed in the warm pools for two straight nights

Swimming amidst rain downpours of a stormy month

Massaging our bodies with Jacuzzi to conclude parties

Sipping wines & beers to go with hand pick delicacies

Happy I was to be in this wondrous tour place

To immerse shortly in the spirit of an ancient sultan

For in my blood runs too the bloodline of Majapahit nobles

Spiced up we were for noble visions

[Philippines, 03 August 2011]


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