Monday, August 8, 2011



Erle Frayne Argonza y Delago

Fiery and fuming in its seismic steads

Yet so friendly and idyllic a mighty little volcano

Taal sits by a blanket of cool pristine lakewaters

A lake that’s collapsed space of a gigantic caldera

Taal is once scenery that I never tire to visit

Contemplative and meditative tours often I do

Many wondrous times did I visit Tagaytay

To contemplate anew on the glorious fuming mount

Coming often from Silang town where nestles

My sister Ethleen’s family amongst coffee breeders

There to visit Tagaytay almost thrice a year or so

Sometimes touring university students there

Zoo and ‘palace by the sky’ plus gaming hotel

Horse ride too by famed garden squeezed in sites

Royal lunch & dines by special gourmet restaurants

Bulalo cafeteria did spice many of my visits

Then came opportune moments to ride & visit

Laurel & towns on Batangas side of Taal circa ‘98

Preparing designs for grand projects to boot

For parish priest and partner investors a-ready

Saw Taal mount down the spaces of coastal towns

Still as beautiful as it remains from higher space

Untiring to pay visits to the fiery friend mount

I shall go there again in time to visit & buy coffees

And pray that mighty blessings be had for peoples

Sharing spaces with the friendly volcano

[03 May 2011]


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