Monday, August 1, 2011



Erle Frayne Argonza y Delago

Straight from Jeddah of Saudi Arabia my Mom came

Back to holiday for a month in Filipinas circa ‘84

Role playing itinerary maker as always in family tours

I fixed Laguna trails of Calamba hot springs swims

And last leg of an inglorious tour in Pagsanjan Falls

Bad luck twas to recall as a stormy month did it hap

Yet tour is tour and like an fuming warrior I quipped

We go forth and swim in hot springs to warm us all

As rainy days keep dropping waters from the sky

And onwards finally to famed Pagsanjan Falls

There to cruise the river & falls via local canoe

Twas a time when my cousin Arnold was always along

Still like a normal one yet for someone bipolar

Drinking and dining by a bar that seemed vampire’s lair

On occasion of so rainy days like Dracula is expected

There to join dirty guys with sextour girls & boys in hand

With brandy to warm up the body till call it a night

Pagsanjan is surely a witness to Transylvania coming

Once in a while in my life sojourns

[Philippines, 26 April 2004]


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