Friday, May 20, 2011


Erle Frayne Argonza y Delago

Conquering the public mind isn’t easy a goal

More so by landing in news headlines a-gallery

Such a chance did finally come upon my being

In 2004 upon endorsing a presidential candidate

As spokesman of a multisectoral coalition twas

In month of January it did come to commence all

How awesome that all the major newspapers came

Reinforced likewise by tabloids of worthy fame

From coalition launching to press cons and all

There was I and mass leaders in news fronts

Headlined in no less than couples of events

As I heralded advocacies that were truly treasures

That social services be for grassroots & mid-class

Twas eventually my short-cut to a palace stint

So was it time to meet boxing hero Manny Pacquiao

Twas too a meeting with cinema star la Aunor

And the young daughter of the martyred Flor Contemplacion

Short it was in 2004 to make of wondrous clime

Yet meaningful a stint for my own future roles

Beyond 2012 awaits my co-founding of larger commonwealth

Colored preliminary by the past newspaper climes

[Philippines, 11 February 2011]


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