Monday, May 16, 2011


Erle Frayne Argonza y Delago

A civil society was I then to advocate

Love and concern for overseas Filipinos

As Treasurer of Kanlungan Center Foundation

& Kakammpi president for overseas’ dependents

Came December 1990 we flew to Hong Kong

From across the globe we leaders converged

Stayed in Maryknoll sisters’ compound to camp

There to workshop too and build camaraderie

We then decided to architect Migrante International

Finally had it graduate from a Committee for nigh years

Just in time when we were lobbying for sanguine law

To care for overseas Pinoys across the globe

We did pay visits to bars & toured places

Victoria peak and cable car I recalled

With company of Pinay domestic helpers too

We toured the nights for songs & cocktails a’satiate

In one bar did I belt out songs to make for free beers

With gusto I sang La Bamba of Mexican folk fame

Accompanying myself with electric guitar to feel

As electrified eyes of tourists watched with awe

To the wonderful city built by British taipan

I bid not farewell as it’s o’so near to fly

My appreciation for glorious city planning will stay

This Asian city is one we islanders can be proud of

[Philippines, 03 February 2011]


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