Friday, May 20, 2016




Erle Frayne Argonza y Delago



Maybe we all ought to treasure the noble event

Of Negros Island declared an entire organic land

From Oriental to Occidental sides ‘tis the same

Narrative of organic life shaping to full bloom


Twas in 2005 on occasion of the organic launching

Timed with the Mascara Festival of Bacolod fame

As technocrat of food security I was invited

To grace the two-day convention of NGOs

And market players and government players

Challenged to inspire did I speak first of all

On Day One of the noble occasion to fore

Consulting then for Kaisampalad organization

Thankful to Almighty Creator I spread Light via speech


Goin’ out by night of that same Day One

Mascara muse filled the festive air of city cool

Muses hidden in masks paraded on the stage

Filled me and crowd ecstatic for grand ensemble


Goin’ home the day after the memory thus built

Organics and mascara fests are partnered to swoon

Takin’ home photos and pieces of gorgeous masks

To make my day they to remind me as organic baton


[Philippines, 22 February 2011]




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