Tuesday, March 8, 2016




Erle Frayne Argonza y Delago



Igorotlandia d’ Cordillera is one whole story yet to tell

For this enthused soul who climbed up those fiery lands

Beginning in Summer 77 in Baguio the summer capital

Onwards to 81 in work visitations of Ifugao

Roll over to work monitors of Kalinga & Apayao

Likewise visiting Ilongots of Quirino their siblings

Till 2000 when I revisited Ifugao on my way to Sagada

There to communicate with the ancestors

And say my own appreciation for Bulol of the astrals


Cordillera is an awesome land like Marlboro country

Growing pines interspersed with undulating mounts

Blended with fjords and a nurturing hospitable people

Home likewise to gold and treasures beneath the mounts


Cordillera is amongst the guardian ranges of Filipinas

Standing tall across hundreds of kilometers to frown

Upon all predatory greedy people and bad folks

Its forests and rivers narrate history like mute beings

Of a mighty people scions of ancient Malayan Mu


Turbulence yet may come a couple of years from now

Yet Cordillera will stand still and tall

Beacon of ancient Mu and future Filipiniana


[Philippines, 22 December 2010]



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