Monday, October 3, 2011



Erle Frayne Argonza y Delago

A charmer of a place Puerto Galera surely is

As I visited the tour site repeatedly in the ‘90s

With friends at times to cool down our university tasks

And at times with my beau girlfriend from Teutonic knights

Magic of the night ambience once enchanted me enough

With beers & cool world music in company of Love & pals

Brazilian music to mix with Pinoy jazz & rhythmic notes

Then crafts a parlaying waiting for the pocket to trade

Came back to the paradise place once more

In early January of 2009 to start the year with relaxation

With kins to company and cousin Eric managing a site

Where snorkels and scuba dive gears to borrow

Teachers of diving too there were to train one

I can only watch then the entire site and swims

The enchantment then replaced by meditative stance

Memory was spiced up by typhoon coming our way

We almost lost the chance to traverse the sea back

To Batangas bay astride huge bancas

Yet safely we all came home back to Manila

Thankful still am I for the gracious tour

[Philippines, 26 June 2011]


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